As the innovator behind ConstructLA, I developed a proof-of-concept construction management application tailored for Tesla’s Supercharger network projects, presented to a Panel of TESLA engineers. The app was designed to enhance on-site management efficiency by providing real-time data updates and tracking of construction activities.

Problem statement

Construction managers at Tesla’s Supercharger network sites were challenged by the need for a system that could streamline on-site data collection, improve real-time communication, and centralize project tracking to expedite the construction process.


  1. To provide a mobile solution for real-time tracking of on-site build activities.
  2. To enable instant photo uploads and data storage for efficient information sharing.
  3. To facilitate real-time updates to stakeholders and office teams.
  4. To improve data fidelity and reduce manual data entry errors.

Approach and Implementation

  • Developed an app using R Shiny libraries for server and UI construction.
  • Created a user-friendly interface for on-site construction managers to upload data and photos.
  • Developed a centralized dashboard for project status tracking.
  • Implemented a system for instance-based, one VPS per construction manager for secure data management.

Challenges and Solutions

  • The need for a quick and user-friendly data entry system was addressed by developing an intuitive app interface.
  • Ensuring real-time data synchronization was achieved with instance-based server architecture.


  • Streamlined the pre-fielding process for Supercharger site builds.

  • Reduced on-site data collection and reporting time by up-to 30%.

  • Enhanced team collaboration with instant access to construction data and updates.

Key Learnings

  • The importance of user interface design in the adoption of new technology in the field.

  • The effectiveness of real-time data sharing in improving team coordination.

  • The potential for mobile applications to transform traditional construction management practices.

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