I led the development of ‘Batches’, a comprehensive environmental monitoring application for horticulture. Built with R Shiny, the application meticulously tracks every phase of plant growth, ensuring Health Canada compliance while aiming to increase crop yields.

Problem statement

The horticulture industry required a reliable system to monitor plant growth cycles and environmental conditions, ensuring adherence to Health Canada’s stringent compliance regulations. The absence of such a system could lead to suboptimal plant growth and potential regulatory breaches.


  1. To monitor and record data across various plant growth cycles—propagation, vegetation, and flowering.
  2. To track environmental, nutrient, watering, and pesticide/spray application parameters.
  3. To create a centralized system for data analysis and reporting, facilitating Health Canada compliance.
  4. To generate PDF reports for efficient data distribution and record-keeping.

Approach and Implementation

  • Developed user interfaces for data entry corresponding to different stages of plant growth.
  • Created modules within the application for tracking production, environmental factors, nutrients, and watering schedules.
  • Implemented a feature for recording pesticide and spray applications to ensure crop safety and compliance.
  • Enabled PDF generation of data reports for easy dissemination and compliance documentation.

Challenges and Solutions

  • Integrating various data streams into a cohesive dashboard was achieved through a modular design approach.
  • Balancing user-friendliness with regulatory compliance was managed by iterative testing and user feedback.


  • Successfully deployed a Health Canada-compliant monitoring application for horticultural use.

  • Facilitated a data-driven approach to increase plant yields and optimize growing conditions.

  • Simplified compliance and reporting processes with automated PDF generation of crucial data.

Key Learnings

  • The importance of understanding regulatory requirements in the design of industry-specific software.

  • The effectiveness of R Shiny in creating customizable, robust data tracking applications.

  • Insights into the critical nature of data accuracy and reporting in regulated industries.

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