In this project, I developed a custom leaflet map and mobilization tool using R to address the challenges faced by a construction management team. The primary objective was to improve the team’s ability to target areas of low cost and high value, while also streamlining mobilization efforts for build partners.

Problem statement

Prior to implementing the leaflet map and mobilization tool, the construction management team relied on manual processes to identify and target areas for construction projects. This process was time-consuming, inefficient, and lacked the ability to visualize data effectively. This inefficiency led to difficulties in optimizing project costs and mobilizing build partners effectively.


  1. Develop an interactive map to visualize construction project locations.
  2. Integrate functionalities to filter and target areas based on specific criteria such as cost and value.
  3. Generate reports and summaries for efficient communication with build partners.

Approach and Implementation

  • Utilized the R programming language and the leaflet package to create an interactive map.
  • Integrated data on construction project locations, costs, and build partner information.
  • Developed filtering functionalities to allow users to target specific areas based on their needs.
  • Incorporated functionalities to generate reports and summaries for build partners, including location details, unit counts, and relevant project information.

Challenges and Solutions

  • Challenge: Ensuring data accuracy and consistency across different data sources.
  • Solution: Implemented data cleaning and validation processes to ensure data integrity.
  • Challenge: Presenting complex data in a user-friendly and easily understandable format.
  • Solution: Utilized clear visualizations and interactive map elements to enhance user experience.


  • Achieved significant improvements in the efficiency of targeting construction project locations.

  • Reduced the time required to identify and mobilize build partners.

  • Enhanced communication and collaboration between the construction management team and build partners.

Key Learnings

  • The¬†importance of data cleaning and validation for ensuring the success of data-driven projects.

  • The effectiveness of interactive visualizations in communicating complex information.

  • The value of tailoring solutions to the specific needs and workflows of the target audience.

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