Problem Statement: Develop a unique way to save Construction Managers time in the field while pre-fielding potential Super Charger Build sites.

Load App

APK to Android

Using Shiny libraries in R studio to create Server, UI and Helpers to take input and persistently store data on Linux VPS.

“Constructla” was born. Web App shown on my cats whiskers!

Dash-board view

Poll data-base for all sites associated with a specific construction manager (CM). Show sites broken down by specific status of each build site.

Have reference documentation accessible at bottom of app for on-boarding new CM’s.

App functionality

  1. Collect specific information related to Construction Management pre-fielding
  2. Upload photo’s to database
  3. Reference other sites in the data-base
  4. Provides on-hand reference material
  5. Create additional fields on the fly as required
  6. Web-App, Mobile carrier agnostic
  7. “Instance-based”, 1 VPS for Construction manager


  • Instant upload to enable faster¬† team access to data

  • Enables better data fidelity as fields are not freeform

  • Developed way to catalogue info. with built in redundancy


  • Lost out on role to another candidate

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