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Problem Statement: Develop a geospatial method to show build partners upcoming deployment locations to increase mobilization efficiency and reduce truck-rolls.

Acquire Data

Add what feels like an inordinate number of libraries to R Studio Script…

Acquire access token to enter DOMO from backend.

Use command DomoR:fetch to pull relevant data set into R Studio.

Add “countrydata.csv” to data set for analysis of Latitude and Longitude to map cities on map.

Groom Data

Merge Lat/Long data publicly available with internal data-set and compare city names. This will enable placing unique pins for build locations based on city

Print an HTML file specific to each build partner.


Provides build partners with:

  1. A view of locations based on build date of 2 weeks out.
  2. Clickable URLs into the specific build locations
  3. Number of units at each location, a KPI tracked against each build partner

Get strategic

Provide strategic direction based on market data of high value locations.

Unique tagging of locations enable a quick view of what’s in a particular area for faster decision making.


  • Decreased build partner re-mobilization costs

  • Invented new system for geospatial mapping build areas

  • Enabled faster decision making by using data to visualize areas of large impact


  • Received recognition

  • Presented to Executive Leadership

  • Abandoned as required skill to maintain wasn’t available.

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