Environmental Tracking Application

Problem Statement: Develop an application to take user input, store it in a database, for tracking horticultural conditions.

Setup IDE

Using Shiny libraries in R studio to create Server, UI and Helpers to take input and persistently store it.

App Environment

Provides a Horticultural business with application that:

  1. Shows stored data in a table format for reference and compliance.
  2. Delineates data between various ‘phases’ of plant development
  3. Has user input for multiple area’s of horticultural development.
  4. Show’s user reference material in case more information is required by the user
  5. No “Native” phone requirements as development was completed as a “web-app” deployed to Linux-VPS (digitialocean)


  • Increased yield of crops

  • Developed application for data analysis and tracking purposes

  • Created a Health-Canada compliant application


  • Implemented program improving yield by 10% after 3 months

  • Increased return for investors

  • Crop tracking improved & problem analysis/resolution Improved

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