I-Innovate Series

Problem Statement: Automatically provide sales with a view of their funnel without acquiring more JIRA licenses. 

Note: Code has been redacted and altered so as to not infringe on privacy

Acquire Data

I typically use R, JavaScript and LaTeX in my programmatic endeavours.

This innovation used R+LaTeX which is called “Sweave”

I knew JIRA data flows to DOMO and I knew I could get access to the DOMO backend I sought an access token. After finding the right person and becoming buddies I was granted a unique key.

DomoR:fetch function pulls relevant data set into R Studio so parsing and manipulation can occur.

DomoR::init(‘customer’, ‘token’)

df <- DomoR::fetch(‘unique dataset ID’)

More can be found here: https://github.com/domoinc-r/DomoR

Groom Data

Manipulate the 64,000 rows of data and 400 columns into a usable format.

26 million data points

Subset data by Account Manager, Status, Disqualified or not, program type, etc..

Auto-Emailer Script

Sweave’s (shown beside) purpose is “to create dynamic reports, which can be updated automatically if data or analysis change”. This in combination with an auto-emailer script provided sales with a personal report email weekly.

Circumventing the needs for licensing while maintaining automatic data flow via an adjacent system.

Personalized Reporting

  • Using R & Sweave (LateX for PDF generation) provide a read-out of a personalized sales report.
  • Show’s where, when and if capital is approved.
  • Show’s performance of each individual sales executive.
  • Show’s if contract is signed.
  • Show’s in graph format what type of build would be required VS. if capital is approved.
  • Show’s Status of funnel for each item assigned to the account executive.

Expanding the idea

Often the biggest value in new innovations is the 2nd order spin off innovations that are created. Using the already subset data expand on the idea to:
  • Provide Leadership with entire program view.
  • Subset by Project Manager
  • Subset by Partner Company
  • Stats-in-year breakdown


  • Provided net-new data visualization solution to 9 Sales executives without increasing license requirements – scalable

  • Increased speed of decision making and exposed opportunities of improvement

  • Provided in house solution as alternative to increasing operation costs

  • Increased visibility into partner company portfolio allocation


  • Using email tracking, it was determined that sales didn’t read their personalized reports.

  • Received recognition

  • Abandoned initiative as usage was hard to quantify and thus hard to justify.

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